Názov:Ext2 Filesystem Support for HelenOS
Vedúci:RNDr. Jaroslav Janáček, PhD.
Kµúčové slová:HelenOS, ext2, filesystem
Abstrakt:HelenOS is a multi-server microkernel-based operating system, which supports a wide variety of processor architectures. The system has a filesystem layer supporting multiple filesystems, with implementation distributed among several server processes. Services for client user-space applications are provided by a central virtual filesystem server, while individual endpoint filesystem servers provide implementations of concrete filesystems. The virtual filesystem server passes requests to correct filesystem and implements some high-level operations. HelenOS comes with support for several in-memory filesystems and a single disk-based filesystem --- FAT16. While FAT filesystem works well, it is relatively simple and does not provide some advanced functions. As part of the thesis, we added read-only support for the second extended filesystem, which provides additional functions such as sparse files. The filesystem has a very good potential to be incrementally extended, as later versions of the filesystem (ext3, ext4), are partially backward compatible. The filesystem is described in chapter 2. The implementation of the ext2 filesystem in HelenOS is divided among multiple layers. A description of the implementation is provided in chapter 3.

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