Názov:Visualization of tagspace
Vedúci:RNDr. Martin Homola
Kµúčové slová:tags, relational tagcloud, graph layout
Abstrakt:Users taggings(assigning metadata keywords) Internet content are creating so called folksonomy, a bottom-up build taxonomy describing relations be- tween resources. This taxonomy can be used as a form of navigation, even though it does not leads to answers, but rather leads to more questions and interesting content. By aggregating tag according to their name, we get navigation elements called tagclouds. This thesis introduces basic methods of inline tagcloud generation, also, defines tag relations, to improve tagclouds and the model of navigation in this tagspace. Tagcloud generation methods are compared, and experimentally tested, by implementing these algorithms and using them on real data. As a main result we will introduce relational tagbrowser cre- ated for portal, that uses graph layout to visualize tags and relations between them. Algorithms and technologies that lead to creating of this tagbrowser are described and implementation details are listed.

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