Názov:Automatic translation of Matlab to Python 3
Vedúci:RNDr. Jana Kostičová, PhD.
Kµúčové slová:automatic translation, compiler, matlab, python3, antlr4, stringtemplate4, numpy
Abstrakt:In this work we look into machine translation between programming languages, mainly in the form of implementing a translator from the Matlab language to Python3. This work continues from previous efforts during the year project, with the main goal being the improvement of implementation quality from a rather single-purpose to a more general and easily extendable one. To achieve this a number of imperfections of the original version need to be removed. There are several kinds of imperfections to deal with, inclidung missing or insuffucient capabilities and suboptimal solutions to certain problems, all of which make it harder to understand and correctly modify the program. In this thesis we will focus on these imprefections, their origins and ways to fix them. The final goal is a program of sufficient quality so as to be useable for a reasonable set of possible inputs and to make the process of expanding this set easier for when such a need arises. The program is made using the Java language, with key libraries being ANTLR4 and StringTemplate4, built using the Apache Maven build system and freely available on Github.

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