Názov:Automatic translation of Matlab to Python 3
Vedúci:RNDr. Jana Kostičová, PhD.
Kµúčové slová:automatic translation, compiler, matlab, python3, antlr4, stringtemplate4, numpy
Abstrakt: In this work we look into machine translation between programming languages, mainly in the form of implementing a translator from the MATLAB language to Python3. This work continues from previous efforts during the year project, when we created a translator written in Java using ANTLR4 and StringTemplate4 and published it to GitHub. Our main goal in this work is to improve the implementation quality from a single--purpose tool to a more general and easily extensible one. To achieve this, we need to deal with several imperfections of the original version. There are some violations of common coding principles, such as ``Don't repeat yourself'', that we need to eliminate. Some functionality we previously implemented is insufficient, producing incorrect translations due to its simplicity. To fix this, we need to implement at least a simple form of context--awareness in the translator, to detect user--defined function names. Other functionality is outright missing, like support for simple mathematical functions that we need to add. Our end goal for this work is a translator that works for as many simple mathematical programs as possible. We also want to perform an improved comparison of runtime performance of interpreters for both languages.

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