Názov:Vizualizácia Dát z Konfokálneho Mikroskopu
Vedúci:RNDr. Marek Zimányi
Kµúčové slová:Volume ray-casting, parallel rendering, PC clusters, binary swap algorithm.
Abstrakt:This thesis provides a presentation of a parallel volume data visualization system for data supplied from confocal laser scanning microscopy. It describes and compares various methods for volume visualization and optimalization and their implementations on parallel architectures. The parallel volume renderer we have developed is implemented on a 16 nodes PC cluster connected by a high-speed Myrinet network using MPI, ray-casting and binary-swap algorithm. To improve efficiency, several optimalizations for increasing the speed of the ray casting process are used, including empty regions skipping and an efficient bricking addressing scheme. We also suggest several methods of improving the performance when using MPI and compilers. The system is capable of running interactively (several frames per second) on a PC cluster.

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