Názov:Complexity of Revised Stable Models
Vedúci:Prof. Luís Moniz Pereira
Kµúčové slová:logic programming, semantics, Stable Models, reductio ad absurdum, complexity, lattice
Abstrakt:The theme of the work is to analyze the complexity of Revised Stable Models. Revised Stable models are a new semantics in logical programming, which brings a possibility of the so-called reductio ad absurdum reasoning, which was not possible in the stable models semantics. At the beginning, there are presented the preliminaries and a motivation for the semantics, its definition and an intuitive explanation and visualization. Next come the analyze of the complexity and a free algebraic follow-up which describes the complexity of computing intersection of iteration of a monotonic operator in the lattice. An alternative view of the semantics is drawn, which offers a possibility to introduce the reductio ad absurdum into stable models by using a transformation of the program. The work concludes with an outline of possible future research themes.

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