Názov:Implicit Surface Reconstruction using Local Approximations from Unorganized Set of Points
Vedúci:RNDr. Pavel Chalmovianský, PhD.
Kµúčové slová:Implicit Surface Reconstruction, Local Approximations, Sharp Features Reconstruction, Edges and Corners
Abstrakt:This work considers the problem of surface reconstruction from unorganized set of points. We use local polynomial approximations and we blend them to the implicit surface. We survey the recent work in this area. We discuss the sampling requirements, various space subdivisions, local approximations classes and blending techniques. We implement an octree based algorithm based on work of Ohtake et al. that allows us to contruct error controlled surface reconstruction. We discuss the problem of sharp features reconstruction. We extend the model of implicit surface by minimum and maximum functions capable to model sharp local features. Finally we give a technique for fairing of previously reconstructed local features to eliminate the errors of certain type.

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