Názov:Synthesis of motion capture data
Vedúci:RNDr. Stanislav Stanek
Kµúčové slová:motion capture, motion blending, registration curves, motion synthesis
Abstrakt:The introduction of this work deals with the most widely used methods of motion capture data synthesis. Next, we present method called 'Timewarp curve' derived from 'Registration curves' proposed by Lucas Ko- var and Michael Gleicher and make our modification of this method, which should speed up motion data synthesis. We implement mentioned method and compare it with another in our software product (Motion Blender). As the result, we get the comparison of eciency, speed and reliability of those algorithms. We change original 'Timewarp curve' and get a novel algorithm that preserves realism of human motion. In the end, we describe the struc- ture, features and usability of the program and show the results of experi- ments.

Súbory diplomovej práce:

Motion Blender