Názov:Tagging system for the portal
Vedúci:Mgr. Juraj Frank
Kµúčové slová:tag, tagging system, web application, tagcloud, folksonomy
Abstrakt:Collaborative tagging is widely used on the web and is well known to web developers, but mainly as a supportive way to categorise content and provide minor navigation. We describe that tags provide much more information and can be used to create full-feature navigation. When designing relational tagbrowser for, we experienced many difficulties with old tagging system design, so we designed a new system, with all the properties of modern tagging tools, but also suitable for our portal. Expected properties of the system were extensively studied and statistics were made to ensure suitability of our system. Tagging system we created is very modular, with modules capable of creating many sorts of tag-based navigation and dealing with problems related to free-nature of tags. We also experimented with ways of implementing tag suggestions, to aid users of portal to use more tags. Resulting system is faster and easier to use than the old one, also provides more possible navigation features.

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