Názov:Integrated digital user profiles
Vedúci:RNDr. Martin Homola, PhD.
Kµúčové slová:digital identity, OpenID Connect, identity management, profile data update
Abstrakt:Users on the Web are using extensive amount of services. In most of them they share information about themselves and create their user profile – their digital identity. One person nowadays owns dozens of such user accounts, which is often very difficult to administrate. Services barely communicate with each other and the user has to manage each of their accounts separately. Existing systems solve these problems only partially. The aim of this thesis was to design and implement a new system which provides users with an easy way of managing their digital identity in one place. In the fist part of our thesis, we build on the existing internet authentication protocol OpenID Connect. We have designed an extension to it, which enables broad and effective communication among the involved web services. One of the key features is the ability of the user to define automatic update of profile data in the services they use. In the second part of the thesis we have designed a system for administration of user identities. It allows users to create multiple identities of their, with which they log in to other services. We give users an option to define dependencies over the data in the identities and thus facilitate their management and update. We pay attention to security and privacy and emphasize the user control over the whole system. The proposed protocol extension with the system for identity management together form a complex user package for management of digital identity in one place. We have successfully implemented the whole proposal into the community portal The implementation is available at together with a demo web service at The source code for both is also accessible on the attached CD.

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