Názov:Prediction of Properties of Polymorphic Genomes from Sequencing Data
Vedúci:doc. Mgr. Bronislava Brejová, PhD.
Kµúčové slová:bioinformatics, genome attributes estimation, parameter optimization, sequencing data
Abstrakt:Krampl, Werner: Prediction of Properties of Polymorphic Genomes from Sequencing Data. Diploma thesis. Comenius University in Bratislava; Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics; Department of Computer Science. Bratislava (2018). 71 pages. Supervisor: doc. Mgr. Bronislava Brejová, PhD. This diploma thesis focuses on estimations of attributes from genome sequencing data such as genome size, depth of coverage by sequencing data or error rate of this data. As standard procedures of sequencing data processing have high demands on computational resources for larger genomes, parameters optimization of prediction models techniques can be used to obtain estimations of genome attributes in a much shorter time. We analyse sequencing data from polymorphic organisms and their influence on existing prediction models. We then create new prediction models that explicitly consider the existence of diploid organisms, we test them on various datasets and evaluate their results. Furthermore, we have identified one problem in an already published model and suggest a solution.

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