Názov:Object-relational mapping
Vedúci:Ing. Arch. Augustín Mrázik
Kµúčové slová:Persistence, Mapping, Object-relational mapping, ORM, Persistence framework, Object-oriented programming, OOP, Relational database, RDBMS
Abstrakt:Storing of objects to relational databases is actual topic today. Object-orientation is mainstream approach that is used for application development today and applications usually have to store their data. If we talk about enterprise applications, we can say that it is usual choice to use relational databases as a data store. As there is a gap between object-orientation and relational paradigm - we call this semantic gap - this task is not straightforward. Object-relational mapping is in place especially when we deal with large information systems that have to be open and easy to maintain. One option how to deal with this issue is to develop own layer that manages the mapping between objects and relational databases' entities in our application. Another option is to use third party product which can automate majority of mapping process when used properly. In first part of this work we will look at ways how such product can be designed and implemented as well as patterns for mapping of object-oriented constructs to entities of relational databases will be presented. We will examine advances as well as drawbacks of specific approaches or patterns. Then in the second part we will examine how these products look like, categorize them by different criteria and compare them. We will also look at architecture of these solutions and compare their architecture from different aspects. When categorizing and comparing of persistence frameworks we will use knowledge from first part of this work. The goal of this diploma thesis is to compare persistence frameworks and to provide deeper look into internals of these frameworks. This thesis provides comparsion table with selected persistence frameworks, provides a basic orientation in the variety of ORM tools and emphasizes some characteristics of ORM tools that are worth of our attention. We will see that there exist varieties of tools which are suitable for varieties of scenarios.

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