Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics

Subject information sheet

Code: M-INCS-008

Name: IT Quality Management

Branch of study: 9.2.1 INFORMATICS

Study program: Informatics

Guaranted by:

prof. RNDr. Branislav Rovan, PhD.

Performed by:

Dr. Josef Withalm

Subject study period:


Form of course: (lecture, seminar, laboratory practice...)

Recommended extend of course (in lessons):

Weekly: 2 For study period:

No. of credits: 4

Qualifying subjects: M-INCS-003!

Form of evaluation and finishing the subject study: 0/100

Ongoing evaluation (e.g. test, individual task...):

Concluding evaluation (e.g. examination, final theses...):

Subject aim: Strategic Impact of quality and to become aquainted with a system development method including Software Quality Procedures. Furthermore the student will be familiarized with methods to assess on the one hand the Quality of SW products and on the other hand the maturity of SW development organizations.

Brief curriculum of subject:

In the first part of the lecture the perception of quality will be introduced. Especially the following main issues will be tackled:

  • Strategic impact of Quality

  • Q-control against Q-Assurance

  • Q-standards and Q-Awards

  • Q-costs

  • Liability issues

  • Leadership, Human Factors and Work organizations

The second part focuses on SW quality assurance which bases on a development process.Besides project planning and administrating all important quality related procedures as

  • Requirement management

  • Reviews

  • Tests

  • Configuration management

  • Estimation of expenditures.

  • Case tools

will be introduced.

Furthermore methods to assess the quality of SW products as

  • SW Quality Evaluation

  • Quality in Use

  • Certifying Hypermedia Links for Internet Applications

  • SW Acquisition Process

will be presented.

Finally methods to assess a SW development organization including

  • ISO 9001

  • CMMI(Capability Maturity Model Integration)

  • BSC(Balanced Score cards)

will be revealed.


Norman E.Fenton: SW-Metrics

Tom de Marco: Peopleware

Bell, Morrey, Pugh: SW-Engineering

Grady, Caswell: SW-Metrics establishing a company-wide Program

Tom de Marco: Controlling SW-Projects

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Guarantor’s signature and date of the last sheet revision:

january 2006