How things could be solved...

Exercise 4

Assignment 4.1

Assignment 4.2

I'll try mount /dev/ubdc /mnt -o norock,ro, which mounts device to the /mnt directory. Well, and besides of that also few more command line switches.

Assignment 4.3

Assignment 4.4

I'll have a look at device /dev/ubda, write down its majoc (98) and minor (0) number, and the only thing to do after that is mknod /home/zahrada/kombajn b 98 0.

Assignment 4.5

/dev/null is a black hole, which eats whatever I want, but I won't get anything back (ok, slight difference to black hole here). On the contrary, /dev/zero is huuuge (in short, infinite) pile of zeroes, which I can read. The difference between /dev/random and /dev/urandom is that the former gives us only gathered entropy... and until there's enough of it, we won't get any data.

Assignment 4.6

Executing mkfs -t ext2 /dev/ubdb solves all my problems.

Assignment 4.7 (extra)

This can be solved similarly to assignment 4.3, but the options will be different (and the mountpoint, given choice, as well):
/dev/ubdb  /mnt2  ext2  defaults   0  0

Assignment 4.8 (extra)

I'll try dd if=/dev/ubdb of=/home/zaloha and find out, that it really is the thing I was looking for.

Assignment 4.9 (extra)

Executing mount /home/zaloha /mnt -o loop,ro makes me feel lucky. :)