Názov:Virtual Operating System in C#
Vedúci:RNDr. Richard Ostertág
Kµúčové slová:ComOS, virtual operating system, PostSharp
Abstrakt:Virtual operating system is a computer operating system which instead of on real hardware only runs on a simulated virtual computer. Virtual operating systems can be used for educational purposes but they also have their advantages compared to traditional operating systems, namely the improved security gained from separating the virtual processes from the real operating system and other processes running on the real hardware. Virtual computers also tend to have very simplistic design which sometimes allows us to prove the correctness of an operating system running on such computer. In this paper I will introduce the Comenius Operating System (ComOS) and the virtual computer it runs on – ComOS Virtual Machine. The goal of the ComOS project is to create an environment in which students of Operating Systems classes can design their own operating systems and learn how to solve problems commonly encountered in system programming. Both ComOS and ComOS Virtual Machine are written in the C# programming language and post-compiled by PostSharp.

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