Názov:Music Harmony Analysis: Towards a Harmonic Complexity of Musical Pieces
Vedúci:Mgr. Martin Ilčík
Kµúčové slová:harmonic complexity, music complexity, harmony analysis, chord transcription, chord progression, music information retrieval, recommender system
Abstrakt:In this work we present a new theoretical model for finding out the complexity of harmonic movements in a musical piece. We first define, what the yet undefined, term harmonic complexity means for us, finding different perspectives. Our basic model is based on tonal harmony. Utilizing the fundamental rules used in western music we define a grammar based model in which transition complexities between the harmonies can be evaluated as the computational time complexity of deriving the harmony in the grammar. In graph representation the transition complexities can be found as the shortest path between the two harmonies. For these purposes we have created an object oriented model that implements the theoretical model. In the end we deploy the system, Harmanal, capable of analyzing harmony transitions from MIDI and WAVE input. We have used Harmanal for comparing music from different music genres. Moreover, we find Harmanal as a new possibility for enhancing music information retrieval tasks such as implementing a recommender system for music.

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