Názov:Algorithms for isometric gene tree reconciliation
Vedúci:doc. Mgr. Bronislava Brejová, PhD.
Kµúčové slová:phylogenetic tree, isometric gene tree reconciliation, inexact branch lengths, parsimony
Abstrakt:An evolution of a group of related biological species can be represented by a phylogenetic tree that we call a species tree. It is also possible to represent the evolution of one particular gene in a given group of species by a so-called gene tree. In this work, we study the problem of isometric gene tree reconciliation. The goal of this problem is to map the nodes of the gene tree to nodes or edges of the species tree in order to obtain a more comprehensive evolutionary history. Based on this history, we can interpret the events that took place in the evolution of the gene. Previous research has dealt with the case where the phylogenetic trees had exact edge lengths. For practical applicability, we extend the existing algorithms by allowing the input trees to have inexact edge lengths specified by intervals. The main goal of this thesis is to develop efficient algorithms for solving several variants of this problem.

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