Názov:Generic JavaScript-to-WebAssembly wrapper
Vedúci:RNDr. Richard Ostertág, PhD.
Kµúčové slová:V8, Google Chrome, WebAssembly, JavaScript, wrapper functions, calling conventions
Abstrakt:The JavaScript engine is an essential subsystem in the web browser's architecture that parses and executes JavaScript code embedded in web pages making them interactive. WebAssembly is a relatively new language that can be also run in modern web browsers. In Google Chrome, V8 is the JavaScript and WebAssembly engine. As V8 can execute code written in both of these languages, it is also possible to have function calls from JavaScript to WebAssembly. Before, V8 compiled specific wrapper functions for WebAssembly functions called from JavaScript to ensure conversion between the two languages' types. In this bachelor's thesis, we successfully designed and implemented a generic JavaScript-to-WebAssembly wrapper function in V8. The new, generic wrapper can be used for standard type WebAssembly functions when called from JavaScript. By using the generic wrapper, compilation of specific wrapper functions was avoided, therefore, we improved the compilation time and saved resources.

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